Best Tools For Windows Registry Repairing

Is your system running slow ? You googled about optimizing your windows system a found that some software providers are promising that their product will super optimize your windows system by just cleaning up your Registry. That’s not true ! There’s not much effect on performance of system by clearing the unused registry.

First of all let me tell you what is Windows Registry? It is basically a database of all software and Hardware functions. There’s every detail of a system and software. When you Install a software, it inserts some entries in Windows Registry. But when you uninstall that software then this is not necessary that the inserted registry will be removed automatically. There’re many  registries which are left unused and are of no value. Deleting those will optimize your system a little bit but not super optimize.

There’re few software which not only Clear Registry but also Repair Corrupted Registry and Do some more modifications like deletion of Temp files and Dump files. Emptying Recycle bin and Clearing Cookies and Cache to optimize your system. So, Here’s a list of few best Windows Registry Repairing tools which will definitely help you.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner’s registry cleaner is powerful, it’s other tools are also Powerful.

Pros :

  • Emergency Registry backup tool
  • Excellent tools for optimization are included
  • Easy to use
  • Noticeable impact on performance after clean up.
  • Quick Installation
  • Multiple installation options
  • Keeps cookies that you probably don’t want to delete (like logins in accounts)
  • Long history of regular program updates
  • Can avoid scanning registry keys and values you tell it to skip over
  • Support for a variety of Windows versions (Nearly All Windows Versions)
  • Support for macOS 10.6 to 10.11 El Capitan
  • Available as an Android app
  • It’s FREE

Cons :

  • If you are a expert in windows system operating, then you can use windows features to do that all functions.
  • It got hit by a malware attack but everything’s under control now. New version is safe.
Download CCleaner
CCleaner has been reviewed by, TechRadar, PC Magazine and TechRepublic.

2. KingSoft PC Doctor

Kingsoft PC Doctor is a program which can perform several cleaning functions to your computer in addition to being used as a registry cleaner. Kingsoft PC Doctor is a good registry cleaner but I do recommend CCleaner because Kingsoft PC Doctor is not updated from many years. You can download Kingsoft PC Doctor from link given below.


  • Quick Installation
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Includes useful Add-Ons
  • Registry is backed up automatically before cleaning
  • Light Software


  • No scheduling options
  • No Update from many years
  • Many Malware infected versions are also available.
Download Kingsoft PC Doctor
  Note : Please download this tool from link given below to avoid download of of an Malware Infected Version.

Links provided here are tested by author.

3. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is a very smart tool to repair windows registry . This thing which makes it stand at third place is that there are few features like scheduling a scan and repair windows registry or clean windows registry. You can create a restore point manually and when this tool starts working on registry then it automatically creates a backup for safety purposes and that’s good. It’s fast and easy to use.

 Note: It may ask to download any software at the end but you can skip that freely 🙂 


  • Easy to use and simple GUI
  • Clean and Simple User Interface
  • You can schedule auto registry cleaning
  • Scans and repairs fast
  • Creates registry backups automatically
  • You can manually create restore point.


  • Add-on software installation may be asked during installation.
Download Kingsoft PC Doctor
  Note : Please download Wise Registry Cleaner from link given below to avoid download of of an Malware Infected Version.

Links provided here are tested by author.

4. JetClean

Jet Clean is a simple tool for Windows Registry repairing ,It’s not free. You can download trial version and use it’s some feature. You need to buy to use all functions. It’s functions are easy to use.  User Interface is simple but contains good features. You can use JetClean but I still recommend you CCleaner for best and easy results . 🙂


  • Easy to Scan and Repair errors
  • Easy and Simple U.I
  • Auto Backup Registry feature
  • Scans and repairs quickly
  • Fast System
  • Auto Showdown of software after successful repairing.


  • Many functions are limited. You need pro to use full features.
  • It may ask to install additional 3rd party software during installation.
Download Kingsoft PC Doctor

Note : Please download JetClean Registry Cleaner from link given below to avoid download of of an Malware Infected Version.

Links provided here are tested by author.

I’ll Keep adding more tools. Comment below their names if you want to add more tools. I’ll test those on my PC and will update the review on this blog.

If this helped you then kindly comment below and share this article with your friends.

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